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With over twenty years experience in the film & television industry, East-Coast bred writers, Keith Lynch & Nicholas Calhoun, have an ever-growing catalog of content in all genres under their label, Rebel Robot Entertainment. Just recently, they have been busy prepping two feature films both in pre-produciton. The crime thriller, Broken Hope, shines a light on sex trafficking in the United States, while The Duchess of Gune Valley is a gritty, female led western in the vein of Unforgiven.


The duo also created and wrote a handful of television projects that are in various stages of development; including the period drama, “Dust to Dust”, which explores the relationship between government investigators of two different races in Tulsa, 1921 while investigating a heinous murder. Lore, a gothic horror tale set against the backdrop of the mysterious countryside of Ireland when a demonic entity plagues its townspeople.) Savior, a drama based around a teenage girl’s rebellious spirit as she challenges the tenets of her insular community as she searches to find the truth about her missing sister. The unique action comedy Lady Dick which melds the worlds of Raymond Chandler and The Pink Panther… if those were head-lined by a female MMA fighter with a propensity for lewd and abrasive behavior.

The passion and creativity of Keith and Nicholas is surpassed only by their work ethnic and collaborative mentality. Keith and Nicholas are both currently duel citizens through America and Europe.

Nicholas Calhoun - Partner

Nicholas Calhoun was born in New York to parents James and Mageret whom embraced his individuality and never harnessed his creativity. Nicholas is an award-winning actor, writer and producer with years of experience involved in film and television. His passion and creativity is only surpassed by his work ethic.


With recent roles on “Blacklist”, “Blindspot”, “Power”, “Gotham”, “Blue Bloods” and “Boardwalk Empire”, Nicholas has honed his craft to a professional level. When he is not acting, he is writing and producing with his partner Keith Lynch. Nicholas enjoys all aspects of film-making from conception to creation. The love for television and film stems from his childhood watching stories come to life on the big and small screens.

Keith Lynch - Partner

Keith’s love of cinema developed very early on in his life. From childhood he was making home movies in his back yard with his brothers to show his parents and anyone else that would watch. During his early 20’s, Keith spent much of his time writing screenplays with various production companies throughout the New York area. During that time, he also landed major acting jobs for several networks and commercials for companies like Best Buy, ESPN, and Walmart.


Most recently, he decided to put forth all of his creative energy into developing material to further his goals of crafting feature length films and scripted television for major release.


What people are saying

"The ability to cross genres so effectively is something most people can't handle yet you two do it effortlessly, bravo."
Kevin Wandell
VP Development - FX Networks
"Once people read your projects you would be a freight train with no brakes. An unstoppable force."
Ryan Crawford
"You deserve to be seen. Your talents are bound take you all over the world."
Betsy Beers
Partner - Shondaland
"With the talent you have, you may very well one day create your own future."
Erik Haagensen
Backstage Magazine

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